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Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014
Written by Sharon Hartley, Elite Pilates Instructor at Body Kinetics Mill Valley Osteoporosis is a skeletal disease characterized by low bone mass and a deterioration of the bone...Read More

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Experience the difference in a family owned and inviting neighborhood health club.

Our Mission:

We are committed to being your fitness and wellness partner, to educate and inspire you to discover the amazing power of movement and mindfulness so you may transform your own health and well-being.

Our Business Philosophy:

We believe in an integrated approach to fitness and well-being. Not only are cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and flexibility important to health; equally vital to positive well-being are mindfulness, good nutrition, rest and recovery, and a supportive community.

What We Are Committed To:

Personal Attention - Our staff really cares about our members! We offer a friendly, warm, environment, and work hard for our members to ensure your health and fitness experience is not just about the grueling goals, but is also enjoyable and pleasant while on your journey.

Education - Our goal is for you to learn efficient and effective ways to exercise, to teach you mindful practices and how they affect your choices. We will provide you with the most current information available.

“Experience your best, your best experience”

This is our company motto. It speaks to the comprehensive fitness and wellness support we provide to members, as evidenced in the results they produce, and in the positive words they share:

yelp5star "Exactly what I want in a gym. Very friendly staff and there are always personal trainers around in case you have a question.  They give you motivating emails regularly and the price is very reasonable. The gym is bright and immaculate.  Everything is always really clean.  I love the set up as well.  The locker rooms are wonderful and each of the studios are fantastic." –Alexis